The Virtual Facilitator
This virtual learning program teaches professionals, managers and team leaders how to get excellent results from virtual meetings and online classes.

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Programs for Leaders
Now, like no other time in history, there is a need to develop strong and effective leadership abilities across multiple modalities.

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Services We Offer
Facilitation and Co-Facilitation services, Leadership and Mentoring, Keynote Addresses, One Page Business Plan® and the Winslow Report Assessment System.

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We, at the Odyssey Leadership Centre, offer a variety of leadership and facilitation services to our clients, with a primary focus on leadership development and mentorship. The Odyssey Leadership Centre has the distinction of working with leaders looking to make a unique difference in their worlds and the greater world. What inspires leaders who work with Odyssey Leadership Centre is making a difference in the lives of others through their ever developing skills and their sense of purpose. Odyssey focused  leaders desire to be of service for the good of the greater whole, whether that be an organization or community, local to international.

Brenda Chaddock, founder of the Odyssey Leadership Centre, is in co-creative partnership and association with many of the leadership industry's foremost experts, who are constantly seeking to improve their skills and who understand that, as a strong leader, growth & development is never over.

We, at Odyssey, are always looking for our next level of mastery and we include concrete success tools in our Leadership Educational Offerings & Services, like the One Page Business Plan® and The Winslow Report Assessment System. These, together with focused leadership skill building, cover the spectrum of readiness and are invaluable real world assets in our leaders’ success.

Our team is made up of  talented and generous friends and colleagues, each carefully selected for their  unique and powerful gifts, which they to bring to Odyssey Leadership Centre and its learners. Together, the team and our services are a rich mosaic of talent in resonance. The service commitment and creativity of our facilitators knows no bounds.