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The Odyssey Leadership Centre was founded by Brenda Chaddock and continues to be co-created in partnership with talented and generous friends and colleagues, each with a unique gift to bring to the site and the Centre. Together, the site and its services are a rich mosaic of talent in resonance. The service commitment and creativity of our facilitators knows no bounds.

We offer a variety of leadership and facilitation services to our clients, with a primary focus on leadership development and mentorship through Legacy Leadership®. Other programs and services that strengthen leadership effectiveness and are offered through the Odyssey experience include business planning, character trait assessments & consulting to family and small businesses in transition

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Brenda Chaddock is a world-class speaker, facilitator, mentor and teacher who brings to her work years and layers of education and experience in people development and living with vision.

With a background in nursing, adult education and life & health mastery, Brenda has worked privately, publicly, with government and corporate clients, both nationally and internationally, for the past 40 years.

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Every group facilitation can be greatly enriched with graphic recording.

As a graphic facilitator, Avril Orloff literally 'draws out' people's thinking. Listening carefully for key ideas, themes and questions, she combines words with images to capture the essence of a meeting as it unfolds, creating a graphic depiction of the conversation that weaves the parts into an integrated whole.

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Devon’s diverse personal and professional passions have grown a broad experience set spanning multiple industries and dozens of countries. With a focus on sustainable strategic planning, systems design, innovation and leadership, Devon brings with him creativity and direction. A serial entrepreneur, he has built and supported numerous ventures with incredible and diverse teams across the globe.

Currently Devon’s work delves into concepts such as social enterprise, financial innovation, and the evolution of governance and social structures and their deliberative democratic tools.

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Rosanna von Sacken has been working with groups for over 20 years, providing process facilitation, such as strategic visioning, action planning, issue resolution, capacity building, operational reviews, community / multi-stakeholder consultation and emergency management consulting services.

Her clients range from local, provincial and federal governments to crown corporations, from private to First Nations to the non-profit sectors. Rosanna has a broad range of experiences, knowledge and skills.

Nikki de Carteret is an international corporate consultant, transitions facilitator, lecturer, and coach who specializes in management training, professional and personal development and strategic planning processes. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Nikki has worked and lectured in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Brenda's focus for many years, was in the corporate and government health sectors including 15 working with Johnson and Johnson facilitating with individuals, organizations and health professionals to provide optimal care and quality of life for their clients. Throughout her career she has modeled and taught the importance of relationship in any, and every, walk of life.

Brenda Chaddock currently mentors innovative leaders in all areas of industry, she also facilitates leadership development and practise. From a mindset that we have the opportunity to consciously be lifelong students of leadership, the journey is a pathway from study to success to significance. With a profound belief that ‘together we are stronger’ Brenda’s passions are peer leadership, mentoring groups, communities of shared purpose, and businesses to ‘be all they aspire to be so that they can do all they aspire to do’ through collaborative processes. Brenda’s approach is unique and her eclectic style appeals to a variety of audiences. She facilitates with zest and presence and commits her energies to sharing ‘get started today’ ideas and tools for vision, inspiration and achieving the best life has to offer by achieving the best we have to offer life.

Trained to facilitate a variety of individual, small and large group processes including Appreciative Inquiry, Dialogue, Open Space Technology, Peer Leadership for the Community of the Future, and Legacy Leadership®, Brenda also custom designs programs for public and corporate clients. She offers expertise in a wide choice of ways for people to work through issues and challenges which keep them from being, doing and having all that they dream of.

Rosanna-von-Sacken Rosanna von Sacken, M.Sc., CPF and Brenda have worked together since 2010 on a number of projects with a variety of clients. Currently, they are co-facilitating "The Virtual Facilitator", which has been popular as an in-house series and as a public program

Affiliations are as follows:
  • Founder of her own company, Advanced Consulting and Facilitation Ltd.
  • Associate with Odyssey Leadership Centre and an Associate Instructor with the Justice Institute of BC
Education and Credentials:
  • Graduated with a Masters Degree in Geological Sciences from the University of British Columbia (UBC)
  • Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Waterloo, Ontario
  • Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) through the International Association of Facilitators (IAF)
  • Certified Visual Coach
  • Certification in Emergency Management and Exercise Design through the Justice Institute of BC

Experience Summary:   Rosanna worked for the Federal and Local governments prior to establishing her own management consulting business and company in 2001. Through these experiences, she learned that relationships are just as important as the tasks to be done. She has worked with groups in a variety of capacities, modelling and teaching the importance of building on people’s strengths and relationships.

Currently, she is facilitates groups, coaches and mentors individuals and small groups and consults with organizations to develop leadership skills, empower individuals, inspire possibilities and help organizations generate more powerful results with high performing teams. Trained in using Open Space, World Café, Dialogue, Appreciate Inquiry and other methodologies and techniques, Rosanna can also custom design training, meetings and workshops that are engaging and interactive in a public or corporate environment.

As a Visual Thinker and Communicator, she uses and integrates graphics in her work, adding another dimension to produce highly visual and memorable records of meetings, workshops or presentations.

With over 20 years of experience, Rosanna continues to provide subject matter expertise in many facets of emergency management and communication.

"Graphic facilitation invites 'big picture' thinking in the real sense of the word," Avril explains. "And seeing our thoughts 'in living colour' not only brings clarity to the process, but also inspires fresh ways of thinking by creating a space for new realizations and intuitive leaps. That's the magic of art: creativity begets creativity! And it engages people at a more visceral level than can be achieved through words alone.
" Avril has graphically facilitated meetings, conferences, visioning sessions and workshops for community groups, government agencies, educational institutions and corporate clients. She brings to her work a background in graphic design, art direction and dialogue - as well as a keen listening ear, a playful and interactive approach, and a strong desire to help groups move closer to their goals in the most enjoyable and creative ways possible.
Brenda and Avril work together, facilitating and capturing the nuggets of gatherings & meetings every chance they get. Please see http://avrilorloff.com for examples of Avril's work.
Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, international agencies, governmental, and non-governmental organizations (NGO's). Nikki has organized and spoken at high-level dignitary and celebrity functions in New York, Washington, London, Athens, Amman, and at the United Nations.
In January 2003 she co-facilitated a course in "Managing the Conflict Within" at the Justice Institute's Center for Conflict Resolution in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Since 1992 Nikki has worked in the Middle East, extensively in Jordan, with key catalysts involved in human development, education, business, and governmental reform. In 2001 she headed a team in the design and facilitation of the first Arab Regional Forum for Young Entrepreneurs sponsored by the European Union and the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Jordan. After September 11th, she facilitated a high-level dialogue among Arab business leaders sponsored by the Young Presidents Organization on "Building Bridges Across Cultures and Faiths."

Nikki began her career as a journalist and producer working with BBC TV in London. Later she worked as a freelance reporter for BBC World Service where she specialized in development and women's affairs and contributed to Radio 1's first documentary on AIDS. Nikki uses her media background to assist clients with their PR and corporate presentations.

She has also served prominently on the committees of international NGO projects. As one of the international coordinators of Global Cooperation for a Better World, a United Nations Peace Messenger Initiative (1988-1991), she was responsible for project design, training, and implementation of this program in 122 countries. Aspects of the training methodology were aligned to Appreciative Inquiry, a method for organizational transformation that Nikki now uses in some of her training.

Nikki currently serves on the board of Living Values Education Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting values education among professionals working with children and youth. In June 2002, as part of her other community work, she organized and co-facilitated in Vancouver the launch in the Pacific North West of "Images and Voices of Hope," a unique dialogue bringing together journalists, media specialists, performers, and artists to consider the impact of images and stories on people, communities, and cultures of the world. She is an international member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.
Nikki is also one of a team of writers and compilers of Visions of a Better World - A United Nations Peace Messenger Publication, and articles that have appeared in several books. She has a Masters Degree from the Sorbonne.

Devon’s diverse personal and professional passions have grown a broad experience set spanning multiple industries and dozens of countries. With a focus on sustainable strategic planning, systems design, innovation and leadership, Devon brings with him creativity and direction. A serial entrepreneur, he has built and supported numerous ventures with incredible and diverse teams across the globe. Currently Devon’s work delves into concepts such as social enterprise, financial innovation, and the evolution of governance and social structures and their deliberative democratic tools.

Devon feels that transformative and sustainable change can only occur when leadership includes everyone involved, and sees facilitation as a way to convene a dialogue around mutual understanding over downloading information. Devon works to expand his knowledge base, develop broad understanding at a systemic level and identify linkages, all while developing networks, and building communities of like-minded change agents.

His first training in formal group facilitation occurred as a young man during four years spent volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross’ Youth Programs. Offering classroom and residency based workshops Devon led youth teams through transformational experience based sessions on landmine eradication, refugee issues, and international humanitarian law. Seeing the inspirational moments igniting youth to action was in turn deeply motivating for him.

Later Devon trained with the Odyssey Leadership Inst. in Virtual and Masterful Facilitation before taking his work overseas and into the international development community. Over three years in Malawi Devon honed group facilitation techniques in cross-cultural team settings managing community engagement projects in public, non-profit, and private sector initiatives. The challenges of opening participatory dialogue, engaging processes of inquiry and mutual creation in problem solving, and ultimately ensuring project buy in and success were all highly educational.

Returning to Canada Devon turned his attentions towards the tech and social innovation sectors. Over an 18-month period Devon worked as the head of FledgeX, North America’s first conscious company accelerator program working with social entrepreneurs as they launched and grew new ventures. These programs were delivered to in person teams as well as virtually to participants on four continents.