Activities for a Virtual Team Building Facilitator

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Activities for a Virtual Team Building Facilitator

It is a challenge for virtual teams to keep up the social interaction and natural team building that takes place in a physical office. The socializing and face-to-face interactions may seem irreplaceable when it comes to team bonding. As an online team building facilitator it is your job to combat the lack of connection inherent in working remotely.

A Canadian entrepreneur, Daniel Stewart Butterfield, created an online messaging platform for remote teams to promote team building. Many of you my be familiar with his venture; Slack. Butterfield gave a talk at a popular technology conference called Web Summit in 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal in which he discussed the challenges of team building outside of an office environment. Before Slack was adopted by most companies and gathered over 6 million daily users, businesses commonly used email to communicate. There are many problems with communicating through email: you cannot control who emails you, emails are difficult to organize, emails cannot be accessed by the entire team, it is easy for emails to get lost in the mix of the millions of emails that may flood your inbox, etc.


How Slack Has Changed Virtual Team Building

Slack has taken company communication to the next level. Slack is organized by what Butterfield calls ‘channels’ or messaging threads. The channels can be project-based, private, public, department based, etc. They can be organized in any way that makes sense for your company. Slack has changed virtual team building for remote teams by allowing the communication between teams and team members to become more fluid. Teams were now able to communicate in one thread to all of their team members and use emojis as well as give “gifts” such as coffee to each other. Members who are usually quite reserved report that they feel more comfortable participating in an online setting where their words could be reviewed before posting to the thread. Butterfield was able to create an office culture for remote teams all over the world. This is what you want to do as a virtual team building facilitator; bring the team together no matter how far apart they are.


Jesse Sussman with Museum Hack offers a list of creative virtual team building activities. We have listed them below and you can view the full article here.

  1. MTV Cribs: Remote Team Edition
  2. A Slack Channel For Team Members To Post Funny Pictures Of Their Pets
  3. Make Video Recaps Of In-Person Events
  4. Live Remote Co-Working
  5. Donut Calls
  6. Donate To A Cause That Matches Your Team’s Values


Online connection is our leadership and participation of the now and the future. Enjoy the extensive opportunities it provides.


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