How To Become An Entrepreneur

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How To Become An Entrepreneur

Are you fed up with the daily commute to work and have had enough of constantly working long hours in order to help build someone else’s dream so are now wondering how to become an entrepreneur?

You are not alone, as everyday more and more people are becoming discontented with their day jobs and deciding to take the plunge and start their own business.

In fact according to the Kauffman startup index in 2016, around 550,000 people in the United States alone become entrepreneurs each month.[Source]

Do You Have What It Takes?

When you are thinking about how to become an entrepreneur, one of the first things you need to consider is whether you have what it takes, to not only start on the entrepreneurial journey but also be able to see it through until you eventually acquire success.

While there are some people who somehow seem to find overnight success, for most it is a long hard road that you are embarking on. So you do have to be prepared to commit to putting in the time and effort for the foreseeable future, possibly with no returns for several months, or much longer.

That said, it can be one of the most fulfilling ventures that you ever undertake in your life and you can get so much satisfaction even when you are on that long journey to creating your own successful business.

You will have to be determined and passionate, as well as being prepared for and cope with the all the highs and the lows that will come your way. It is very likely that you will suffer setbacks or failures and you need to be able to not let these stop or deter you.Rather you are able to learn from them.

On your journey you need to be open to constantly learning new things and if you don’t already, make reading new material one of your daily habits. It is a well known fact that the most successful people take the time to read every single day.

For instance Warren Buffett is said to read different newspapers for 5-6 hours every day, while Bill Gates reads around 50 books a year and David Rubenstein, the billionaire co founder of The Carlyle Group is said to read up to eight newspapers a day plus six books a week. [Source]


How To Become An Entrepreneur

So if you have decided that you do have what it takes to commit to the entrepreneurial journey the next step  you have to consider is the direction in which you wish to go.

You need a business idea. if you don’t have one already you have to be open to inspiration and think about what there is a need for, or identify a problem, that you could provide a solution to.

One of the best ways to do this is by having a brainstorming session and just jot down every crazy idea that comes into your head. Your idea doesn’t need to be spectacularly original; you just need to be able to provide a service or solution that is wanted or needed.

Once you have an idea, you will want to write a business plan outlining what you want to achieve and the specific actions you are going to take to reach these goals. The plan needs to have detailed steps and should include several mini goals on the way to your ultimate one. Having these mini goals along the way will help keep you motivated on the journey to success.

How To Become An Entrepreneur While Still Working

As already mentioned, when you are looking at how to be an entrepreneur, the journey that you are about to undertake is very likely going to be a long one before you see any significant financial rewards.

So, however much you may dislike your day job you do have to consider the fact that you still need money to pay all the bills and buy the monthly groceries. Unless you have a substantially sized savings account it may be more prudent to put up with your job for a little while longer.

Therefore  you will have to work out how to become an entrepreneur while you are still holding down your regular job. You will have to be dedicated enough to work on your business in your spare time and this means you will want to be setting that alarm earlier in the morning or burning the midnight oil at night.

You will need to be prepared to forgo your usual nights in front of the television watching reruns of your favorite soaps and skip spending several nights a week out socializing with friends.

Your business has to become a priority in your life if you want to have a successful one, so you need to make sacrifices and spend every spare minute you can on it.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are dissatisfied with your job and have been contemplating the idea of how to be an entrepreneur, take those first steps to achieving your dreams.The journey may not be an easy one and it is not one that everybody wants to undertake. However anyone with enough drive and determination can create their own successful business. You just need to be prepared to put in the time and effort and never give up when the going gets tough.

As the great Tony Robbins says:

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start getting EXCITED about what could go RIGHT.


Very best wishes for your every success,







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