Brenda’s Bio

Brenda Chaddock is a world-class speaker, facilitator, mentor and teacher who brings to her work years and layers of education and experience in people development and living with vision.

With a background in nursing, adult education and life & health mastery, Brenda has worked privately, publicly, with government and corporate clients, both nationally and internationally, for the past 40 years.

For many years, including 15 working with Johnson and Johnson, her focus was in the corporate and government health sectors, facilitating with individuals, organizations and health professionals to provide optimal care and quality of life for their clients. Throughout her career Brenda has modeled and taught the importance of relationship in any, and every, walk of life.

Currently, through the Odyssey Leadership Centre, Brenda mentors and facilitates leadership development and practise. From a mindset that we have the opportunity to consciously be lifelong students of leadership, the journey is a pathway from study to success to significance. With a profound belief that ‘together we are stronger’ Brenda’s passions are peer leadership, mentoring groups, communities of shared purpose, and businesses to ‘be all they aspire to be so that they can do all they aspire to do’ through collaborative processes. Brenda’s approach is unique and her eclectic style appeals to a variety of audiences. She facilitates with zest and presence and commits her energies to sharing ‘get started today’ ideas and tools for vision, inspiration and achieving the best life has to offer by achieving the best we have to offer life.

Brenda’s Credentials Include:

Master Legacy Leadership® Facilitator and Global Trainer – Brenda is one of only 8 Master Facilitators in the world, certified to facilitate this model and to certify other facilitators on behalf of CoachWorks® International. Brenda, together with Legacy Leadership colleagues, offers semi-annual Certification Institutes as well as International Certifications. These have included New Zealand, Russia and Central Europe.

Certified Winslow Behavioural Assessment Consultant since 2006. Brenda can guide you to complete the (online) Winslow Human Dynamics Profile; a 24 Character Trait Assessment that is invaluable for interviewing, hiring, assessing right relationship with organizational position, coaching, and development. In addition to these direct benefits, this assessment is of key value to coaches who are working with both individual and executive team clients.

Licensed One Page Business Plan Consultant –  Brenda facilitates individuals and organizations in creating stress-free and effective business strategies, from Visions to Action plans, by writing a succinct business plan on ONE PAGE.

Author of Marketing and Selling Legacy Leadership® –  Written at the request of CoachWorks Inc., this is a 100-page Manual and Workbook for Legacy Leadership Facilitators.

Local/National/International Projects

Masterful Facilitation Institute – Formed in 2007, Brenda partnered with Myriam Laberge to form a learning institute designed to build your confidence and skill in designing and facilitating highly successful meetings and to enhance your facilitation competencies and mastery to enable groups of any size in any setting to tap their creativity and wisdom, and produce extraordinary results.

Gather The Women Congress – In October 2003, Brenda co-designed, and co-facilitated with Myriam Laberge, through their joint venture – New Story Associates. New Story contributes to the global community of co-creative leaders dedicated to self and social evolution. Myriam and Brenda contributed their whole system design and facilitation skills to this pivotal Congress. Their motto, as they wove this design with many other wonderfully gifted women, and continue to weave, with their participation in facilitation and international action projects that emerged from the Congress, is: One Heart, One Mind, One Spirit!

Spa Canada Association’s 4th Annual Conference – Brenda opened the Annual Journey to Profits, Becoming a Spa Visionary Conference in April 2003 as Keynote Speaker. She facilitated both in-Conference and post-Conference sessions with Canadian Spa owners and managers on using the Legacy Leadership™ framework to take their businesses, and their Association, to the next level by linking their visions to triple bottom line success, serving an international clientele.

Spiral Dynamics – In the fall of 2002 Brenda certified in Level 1 Spiral Dynamics. Spiral Dynamics is built around the assumption that we have ‘complex adaptive, contextual intelligences’ which develop in response to our life circumstances and challenges. This model proposes that we then respond to these life conditions through kinds of coping mechanisms and collective intelligences (called memes). These memes influence the values with which we operate in our contextual worlds.

As Affiliate Relations Liaison with the Centre for Innovation in Management (CIM) at Simon Fraser University, Brenda coordinated the ‘Team Invitation and Team Development’ process for the Spring 2002 Conference, New Terms of Engagement for Global Leaders: Building the Value of Stakeholder Relations.

Summit on Spirituality and Sustainability – In 2001, Brenda participated as a key host and facilitator in the design, planning and delivery of this 8 day summit in Vancouver, BC, which included a three day segment with Barbara Marx Hubbard, a futurist, author and founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution.


While always delighted to collaborate on public programs and organizational custom solutions, Brenda particularly promotes and enjoys facilitating virtually, a variety of TeleClass programs which support the practice of Legacy Leadership. These include:

Marketing and Selling Legacy Leadership®
Legacy Leadership® Competency Inventory On-Line 360
How to Use Legacy Leadership® Focus Workbook
Legacy Leadership® Level 1 Certification TeleClass

In addition to custom designing programs for clients through the Odyssey Leadership Centre, Brenda offers several levels of programs publicly, the most popular of which is the Virtual Facilitator (offered through Masterful Facilitation), preparing those who facilitate in telephone and web mediums.  Please visit this site  for program information and offerings.