Virtual Facilitator

Dates 2017

Offering #1: March 16, March 23, March 30

Offering #2: May 29, June 5, June 12
Tuition: $695.00

Conducting more and more meetings online?
Unsure how to keep participants engaged?
Implementing distance learning instead of in-person classes?

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Online Entrepreneurship | The Reality, The Risk!

Online Entrepreneurship | The Reality, The Risk! We’ve been talking a lot about the characteristics that make a good entrepreneur. As you take time to examine whether or not running a brick and mortar business is for you or if jumping into the quickly growing pool of location independent professionals is your best fit, it’s…

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Mentoring Program Best Practices

Successful Mentoring Program Best Practices Do you have a mentoring program in your company?  Mentoring programs, consisting of formal overseen relationships between more knowledgeable mentor and a less knowledgeable protégé or mentee,have been proven to boost not only the career of the mentee but also the satisfaction and performance of high-level mentors.  Recent statistics showing…

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Entrepreneurs | Dealing with Business Failure

Entrepreneurs | Dealing with Failure to Manage Your Business While most entrepreneurs don’t want to think about a business venture failing, the stark reality is that starting a business is hard work and more often than not, we will all experience failure in one form or another on our journeys.  Most of us know inherently that failure…

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About Successful Leadership | Qualities of an Effective Leader

Qualities of an Effective Leader | About Successful Leadership It is important to remember that successful leadership is not limited to position, experience, training, title or authority. Research has shown leadership qualities may be inherent and also effective leaders have skills and qualities that anyone can adopt and through practice and can incorporate into becoming a…

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How an Affiliate Program Can Make a Leader

How an Affiliate Program Can Make a Leader In today’s marketing landscape, affiliate programs get both positive and negative reviews.  In the beginning, an affiliate program is primarily one for generating income.  An affiliate program is defined as using a tribe of folks who believe in your brand to promote that brand on their own…

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Why Join a Mentoring Program?

Why Join a Mentoring Program? How Mentoring Can Give You a Leg Up! Having a mentor is one of the most powerful tools to train you and empower you to achieve your goals. Much learning that contributes to success happens not through books, but through real world experience. Without a mentor, that learning occurs mostly…

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CO-FACILITATE VIRTUAL EVENTS | AND HERE’S WHY . . . World-class speaker, facilitator, mentor and teacher, Brenda Chaddock wants you to co-facilitate virtual events successfully!  Brenda brings years of practical work expertise, layers of education, experience in the development people and leaders as well as consistent personal living with vision successfully. because . . .TOGETHER WE ARE…