Facilitate A Virtual Summit – What It Takes – How to Plan

Virtual Summit

Facilitate A Virtual Summit – What It Takes – How to Plan

A Virtual Summit can be convened to  answer the big picture question for a specific “market”. As an article from the ASAE website, says, “The best time to convene a summit is when you need to discuss high-stakes and complex issues or perceive major changes ahead. To help you “learn forward” as fast as you can, you want to convene the leaders of your profession, industry, or cause as well as internal and external stakeholders who offer provocative and multidisciplinary perspectives.”  As stated in the article you are going to pull together the best leaders/entrepreneurs from a variety of markets, who have a stake in the change being questioned in their industry by the Summit.

The word ”Summit” means rise to the top, climbing to the summit of a mountain like Kilimanjaro is considered to be a great accomplishment.  When you are preparing to facilitate a Virtual Summit you want to think of it as leading the very top performers – the best leaders in a profession or market and guiding them to the “big picture question” your Summit is going to address. Each of the participants in your Virtual Summit will and should bring a different perspective to the meeting.  

Facilitate – Diversity

Diversity in the workplace and the world today more than ever in the past, means people from all backgrounds come together around the particular “subject” of this summit.  Especially when hosting a Virtual Summit people from around the world can participate, no travel is required, and a virtual meeting can be arranged quickly and easily. The Virtual Summit allows the participants to literally be located anywhere that has an internet connection and share their expertise or vision.  

The virtual connectivity of the workplace today, where no one has to arrange for flights or ground transportation, gives leaders opportunities to meet more and move their industry forward. Attending and participating in a Virtual Summit takes preparation and execution just like a Summit that might take place in a physical location.  Weather can interfere with people from around the world being able to attend – the virtual option means that even at a physical summit you could include virtual participants. A Virtual Summit allows the participants opportunities to share in a variety of ways, using a variety of technologies to present information to the group.and have different ways to communicate using text, or a chat program.

Facilitate – Success – Securing the Right Talent for the Job

Identify your own strengths so that you can find an expert in areas you are not strong in. One of the experts you are going to need is called a  “technology lifeguard” . Make your Virtual Summit run more smoothly, and be remembered as a success by the participants, by finding the right talent to help you facilitate your Virtual Summit. This is a skill just like mediating or leading. It is one that could mean success for your Virtual Summit. A successful Virtual Summit can be measured by how participants enjoy their experience and they leave the Virtual Summit giving you rave reviews.  When you facilitate a Virtual Summit successfully you will be able to ensure that you have good attendance at events you are involved in and help you to become a recognized expert in your field.

Facilitate – Sharing

Preparing to facilitate a Virtual Summit  includes knowing how members and participants are going to connect including what devices will they use to access the Virtual meeting place.  Making sure everyone is able to connect from a phone, a tablet, a desktop or a laptop, using technology that adapts to all of the devices used for virtual meetings is imperative.  It is essential to know your technology. As the person who is going to facilitate the Virtual Summit you want to be ready to deal with all sorts of disruptors when it comes to connecting to the actual event.  As technology advances and people find it easier and easier to connect from wherever they are, on whatever device they happen to be using, more and more people will be participating in and facilitating Virtual Summits.  

 Facilitate – Leads

When you facilitate a Virtual Summit you have a tremendous opportunity to gather leads –  good qualified leads in your industry. The leads can be shared with all attendees and a Virtual Summit makes it even easier.  Deciding if you want to facilitate a Virtual Summit you should consider your skill set. Are you qualified to facilitate a Virtual Summit? Remember, this is one of the ways people who are new to an industry build credibility and get their names out as industry thought leaders. Virtual Summits also help grow contacts for established thought leaders and entrepreneurs who want to connect with a new group outside their normal circles of influence..

Facilitate a successful Virtual Summit so that your name is associated with quality events where good connections can be made. These connections happen with the Speakers and Leaders of your Virtual Summit, as well as for the attendees. As the person who is going to facilitate the Virtual Summit you have to set the guidelines for participation in the having the leads. It is a good idea to limit contact with these new connections.  A good industry standard to follow is no more than 5 emails over a two week time period post-summit.

Once you have decided to facilitate a Virtual Summit you will be positioning yourself for growing your reputation as a thought leader and expert in your field.  Evaluate your skill set and find/hire people who can handle the “skills” you want to delegate. Finding and engaging the most qualified talent to help you facilitate your  Virtual Summit leads to success and that means generating leads for the participants and the attendees. Whether you are new to an industry or you are already established in your field, being the one to facilitate a Virtual Summit can help establish your credibility and reputation as a thought leader.


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