Legacy Leadership® Certifications

Level I & Level II

Bringing the worlds of Leadership and Education together. If there was ever a need for leadership development, it is within the field of Education. There couldn’t be a better, more opportune place to build legacy than in schools. Over the last few years, Dr. Kathy Dale, of Fort Hays University in Kansas, has been developing a translated version of our Legacy Leadership® model for use within school systems from top to bottom. She has piloted the training and development from top school administrators to kids. She has done an amazing job of capturing the essence of educational leadership in general, and containing that within the comprehensive and easily understandable model of Legacy Leadership. To find out more about this 3-day or 4-day Institute please contact Brenda Chaddock.

Level I: Practitioner Certification

Level I is designed to strengthen your own leadership competencies in preparation for leading or coaching others in a group of 5 or less specifically for those wishing to use the model and materials within a small organization or in private practice. In this highly interactive process you will learn and experience each practice – the beliefs, attitudes, skills and behaviors that make up that practice. Ultimately, it is as you develop and assimilate the five practices that you become a Legacy Leader®. 

Level II: International Facilitator Certification

Designed for those who wish to facilitate publicly or within client organizations. Level II Tuition also includes your participation in the Integrating Legacy Leadership® Teleclass This series of six x 60 minute sessions utilizes the Legacy Leadership® Focus Workbook an “unbelievably valuable tool” (from one reviewer!) for coaching and integrating all 50 of the Critical Success Skills of the 5 Best Practices into organizations. Institute materials are available in both English and French. Please indicate your choice of.  language when you register.

Legacy Leadership® for Educators

Level I and Level II Educational Leaders of today must serve as Leaders for Student Learning. Educators and corporate participants will participate jointly in this Institute.

 June 18-21, 2013 – Vancouver



Brenda Chaddock is a certified Legacy Leadership® Facilitator and Global Trainer of Legacy Leadership® Practitioners and Facilitators. She is one of a quickly growing community of Facilitators of Legacy Leadership® in North America and one of eight certified to train Legacy Leadership® Practitioners and Facilitators internationally. Find out more about Brenda here.

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