The Virtual Facilitator Online Series

Leading Effective Interactive TeleCalls, Online Classes, Meetings and Webinars

Keeping audiences focused on your message during webinars, virtual meetings and online classes translates to more opportunities to turn attendees into leads and loyal graduates of your programs!

Find out how to make virtual events you facilitate more compelling, interesting and enjoyable to attend by improving your presentation style and use of interactive web conferencing features.

The Virtual Facilitator

Our best leadership development programs are fast-paced, engaging and information packed live video, online classes in the comfort of your own home!

Our top rated e-learning (tele-class option, too!) program on how to get great results from virtual meetings, webinars and online classes! In this interactive workshop environment, we will give you the tools and techniques of effective facilitation through right use of technology and engaging processes. This series of three 1.5 hour interactive virtual classes on consecutive weeks offers a practical foundation in the secrets to facilitating Great Virtual Meetings.


Join Brenda Chaddock, president of Odyssey Leadership Center, as you learn techniques for building interactivity in your webinars and virtual meetings.

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Our best leadership development programs are fast-paced!


The One Page Business Plan® Online Series

A simple planning approach to complex business situations

Through four one hour, fast-paced, and information packed Tele-classes in the comfort of your own home, you will complete a One Page Business Plan outlining your Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Action Plans.

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Our best leadership development programs are engaging and information packed live video, online classes!


Legacy Leadership® Facilitation

The truths and Best Practices of Legacy Leadership® are timeless, proven keys to sustained significance and form the foundation for real-time legacy in today’s business environment.

Now, like no other time in history, there is a need to develop strong and effective leadership abilities. Legacy Leadership® is a dynamic and proven model for maximizing the contributions of every person in your organization.

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Our best leadership development programs are in the comfort of your own home or office!