The Virtual Facilitator

Virtual Facilitator Program Overview

Next Public Program Dates

Wednesday, May 09, 2018 @ 10am PST

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 @ 10am PST

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 @ 10am PST

Tuition: $695.00

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What is The Virtual Facilitator?

Leading Effective Interactive TeleCalls, Online Classes, Meetings and Webinars

Keeping audiences focused on your message during webinars, virtual meetings and online classes translates to more opportunities to turn attendees into leads and loyal graduates of your programs!

Find out how to make virtual events you facilitate more compelling, interesting and enjoyable to attend by improving your presentation style and use of interactive web conferencing features.

The Virtual Facilitator is an e-learning (tele-class option, too!) program on how to get great results from virtual meetings, webinars and online classes! In this interactive workshop environment, we will give you the tools and techniques of effective facilitation through right use of technology and engaging processes. This series of three 1.5 hour interactive virtual classes offers a practical foundation in the secrets to facilitating Great Virtual Meetings.

Join Brenda Chaddock, president of Odyssey Leadership Center, as you learn techniques for building interactivity in your webinars and virtual meetings.

"Outstanding experience – well organized, well executed, and great value! We learned how to plan and manage for successful virtual interactions with groups from under 10 to over 100; sampled virtual tools and techniques; and received a virtual library of support material." – MH

Learning Objectives

• Explore the challenges of and possibilities for meeting in virtual space.

• Learn how to achieve greater meeting involvement through sharing information, idea generation and engagement.

• Discover the principles and techniques for designing effective virtual meetings and classes that engage participants.

• Acquire tools for keeping group focus, for creating interesting and worthwhile classes and for ensuring each participant feels s/he is learning and contributing.

• Gain frameworks, keys and tips for designing and facilitating great virtual meetings, webinars and classes.

Ideal For

This learning program is for managers, team/project leaders, professionals and instructors - anyone interested in enhancing their overall skill and competency in designing and facilitating engaging virtual meetings and learning programs.

“What I found invaluable about the workshop was that we actually got hands-on experience using several virtual tools. The best practices and processes were very practical and the materials clear, concise and comprehensive. I gleaned many practical tips that I have already applied at my workplace. Highly recommended!" – PS

What your virtual meetings are like?

We have the solution:



Virtual Facilitator Program Overview


You will gain insights, techniques, methods and tools to become proficient at getting great results from virtual meetings, whether TeleCalls, Online Classes or Webinars, through effective facilitation of engaging processes and right use of technology. You will experience highly interactive virtual classes and receive a comprehensive reference binder.

After you have completed The Virtual Facilitator , your virtual meeting participants are likely to say, “This was not a typical boring virtual meeting. You kept us focused, engaged, and learning all the way through. You kept our interest and attention with a variety of methods, and ensured that everyone contributed their ideas to the focus topic. I didn’t have time to multi-task nor did I want to! This is my new standard for how all virtual meetings should be run!"

Course Focus

Each of the interactive virtual classes is designed around the Great Virtual Meetings formula: Right Technology + Solid Preparation + Interactive Process = Great Virtual Meetings

Sample Agenda TopicsTeleCalls

TeleCalls Meetings/Classes Tools, Skills & Techniques
Virtual Facilitation Roles Web Tools Beyond TeleClass Pre-Readings and Work
Solid Preparation Preparation Interactive Process
Tips for Effective Conference Calls Techniques for Interactive Webinars Specific Techniques for Engaging Participants
Preparing Participants Proper Technology Facilitator’s Toolkit for Managing Virtual Meetings
Agreements & Etiquette Tips for Facilitating With Technology Techniques for Engaging Different Size Groups
TeleClass Basics & Options Range of Virtual Platforms & Tools  

Virtual Facilitator Program Overview

Next Public Program Dates

Wednesday, May 09, 2018 @ 10 PST

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 @ 10 PST

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 @ 10 PST

Tuition: $695.00

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Getting ready to put Virtual Facilitator skills into practice?

If you have completed the Virtual Facilitator Series, you may be holding this question now: How will I apply these virtual facilitation skills that I have learned to my personal / organizational practice / business? How can I effectively lead my teams and our work virtually?

Brenda Chaddock and / or Rosanna Von Sacken would be delighted to offer further mentorship and guidance:

Brenda Chaddock offers specific mentoring and coaching in the area of honing the general skills and techniques you have recently learned to really help you shift successfully and effectively to the virtual environment. This can include such things as choosing processes, morphing exercises from live to virtual engagement & choosing best platforms for your delivery, all with the objective of having you be an inspirational and intentional leader for your teams or organization.

Contact Brenda @ 604-929-4290 0r

"Rosanna Von Sacken is also a Certified Visual Coach, who offers coaching on a one-on-one basis or with a very small group. Coaching could be about the content and application of the Virtual Facilitator Program you participated in or it could be a crossroads issue. Topics can range from leadership development, personal changes or professional challenges. Rosanna can help you find clarity and purpose, or see a new perspective to reach your potential. Reach for the possibilities, experience the deep insights, discover profound and lasting transformation with Rosanna. For more information, contact Rosanna or check out her website for some examples of visual coaching summary."

Contact Rosanna @ 604.552.3407  or

About Us

At Odyssey Leadership Centre , we support your journey to Great Meetings. We build your skill and boost your confidence so you can design and facilitate effective meetings, every time, for any purpose. Every course we teach is grounded in decades of professional facilitation practice and adult education. Our goal is to ensure the highest levels of understanding, retention and transferability, in a safe, inspiring and gracious learning environment.

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