Keynote Addresses

When Brenda was a small child, her mother advised, “If you’re going to talk a lot, talk fast and be interesting!” Heeding this counsel Brenda has been entertaining groups, both small and large, for many years and in a variety of venues. With a high energy and humorous style, she invites audiences to reflect upon opposites, possibilities and the power of intention.

Whether in keynote interactive presentations or in the facilitation of meetings and groups, Brenda’s primary focus is on drawing the sense of ‘inspiration’ from every person in the room. To inspire means ‘to fill with breath & life’.

A sampling of Brenda’s KEYNOTE topics include:

  • Legacy Leadership® What legacy are we living and intentionally leaving for our colleagues, employees, friends and families?
  • How can you instill the legacy of 5 Best Practices™ into YOUR business?
  • Put your Attention on your Intention. What gets our attentions gets us!
  • Change: What? When? How?
    The change or shift happens when we no longer agree to live divided lives.
    A five-stage model of change helps us understand the process and timing of successful change in our lives and organizations.
  • The Power of Co-Creative Leadership
    ‘Together we’re stronger’. What power is unleashed when conscious leaders gather together for a Shared Purpose?
  • Conscious Relationship – the ‘Key’ to your New Story
    What does it mean to be in ‘conscious relationship’ with ourselves, with others and with the world we live in? How can conscious relationship dramatically alter our results and our reality?
  • Where Fools Rush In Great Things Begin!
    “Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos. Before a brilliant person begins something great, they must look foolish to the crowd.” Chaos: I Ching
    How can we take the courage of our unlimited vision and faith to create a reality beyond imagination.
  • Breathe Your Way to Using Your Whole Brain for Clarity and Creativity.
    The breath of life that sustains us, and that we sometimes take for granted, is a tool that, when guided intentionally, can open myriad gateways to health, creativity and prosperity!

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