Brenda is a cross between a zen master and a jazz musician. She has a gift of crystallizing things in simple words. She is very good at improvising. And she can put a humorous spin on almost everything.

~ Leo Li - Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis, The Ontario Power Authority   

Brenda: you are a gifted facilitator with ability to both lead the dance, and to participate graciously in a chaordic quadrille.

~ Tam Lundy - Director of Learning, Communities that Can! Institute   

Brenda and Rosanna are exceptional facilitators and teachers. Combining knowledge, patience and fun, they provided our team with engaging strategies and tactics for getting the best out of meetings, workshops and projects.

~ John Horn - Manager, Learning and Development, People Solutions, Vancity   

We were all impressed by how well you focused our attention on our goal. I am confident that we will use what we learned to become an even more effective Association. Thank you for your guidance.

~ Bill Curtis - President, Lower Lonsdale Business Association   

Of course, the success of this session is absolutely to be credited to you. You did such a stunning job of keeping everyone on track, while helping the generation of material. I am deeply impressed and humbled by your skills. It is a unique gift, really.

~ Branislav Henselmann - Executive Director, Ballet BC   

What makes Legacy Leadership® such an outstanding program was the excellent level of facilitation skills
that Brenda Chaddock brought into the room.
It was the most energizing program I have experienced to date.
A very rich experience.

~ Cheryl H.   

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