Why Join a Mentoring Program?

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Why Join a Mentoring Program? How Mentoring Can Give You a Leg Up!

Having a mentor is one of the most powerful tools to train you and empower you to achieve your goals. Much learning that contributes to success happens not through books, but through real world experience. Without a mentor, that learning occurs mostly through trial and error.  With a mentor, however, you benefit from the experiences and expertise of someone who has withstood the trial and then you are monitored by someone who can help you avoid the error! Similarly, those new to the industry will discover that being a mentee shortens the learning curve for acquiring the skills and knowledge most critical to a successful career.  In short, mentoring enables you to be the person you really want to be.

It is important to realize though that mentoring is a two-way street.  Mentoring is a relationship between two people who trust and respect each other. It is not simply a teacher-student relationship; rather, it is a partnership that will help both the mentor and the mentee grow personally and professionally.

Mentoring programs are most important at a senior level, when time is at a premium!

Most of the time, having a mentor will boost the confidence (link to self-confidence article) and the self-assurance of a mentee because he / she has all the support, encouragement, and guidance he / she needs. Charlene Nora, Career Transition Coach, says, “Often in looking at a situation in a different perspective, we challenge deeply embedded limiting beliefs. When mentees struggles to believe in themselves, in their ability to overcome a challenge, the mentor is able to ask those tough questions that trigger a necessary change in thinking.”  A mentor should always ensure the mentee is challenged to do his/her best in every situation.  This helps ensure a mentee will have the confidence to handle difficult situations if they arise in the future.

As I mentioned earlier, a mentoring program is a two-way relationship; so likewise, the mentor can also expect that he will learn a lot from teaching and guiding another person. Dr. Lois Zachary, author of The Mentor’s Guide – Facilitating Effective Learning Relationships, contends that mentoring is most important at a senior level when time is at a premium and most choose to mentor others instead of spending time on their own learning.  

Of course, it is inevitable that some mentoring programs are better than others due to the sponsor’s goals. For example, it is important to ensure that a mentor is not in a mentee’s chain of command.  It may affect the mentoring relationship if a mentor knows the mentee’s boss or can influence the mentee’s job progress.

Likewise, the things that are discussed during the mentorship program should always remain confidential between the mentor and the mentee. These issues can be remedied by a mentoring program that has set rules to ensure the safety of the relationship.  A great mentoring program also receives the full support of the parent company or organization.  Only through proper support and oversight can a mentoring program be successful.


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