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Are you looking for the visionary mindset that captivates groups, reinforces teams and ensures success?

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Facilitators/Trainers, and Emerging Leaders who want to master real-world leadership, presentation, partnership and facilitation skills that will strengthen and grow your business and career.

Please, read on to learn about the exclusive personalized programs and services from the world-recognized leadership expert, Brenda Chaddock.

To succeed, you must be crystal clear on your natural leadership strengths, commit to the collaborative power of partnering and fine tune your presentation and facilitation skills every day…without fail. When you discover and learn how to hone your skills for building relationships and best leadership practices, you will be equipped to lead your organization / business to its optimal success.

That’s what being a great leader is all about.

Natural Leaders Evolve Into Great Leaders, They Are MADE . . . not born!

Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs and business leaders are so successful? It’s NOT luck. It’s NOT because they were born to lead. It’s NOT because they are more special or gifted. It’s because they make honing and refining their leadership strengths a top priority.

And that’s where the Odyssey Leadership Centre comes in.

Synonymous for leadership growth, evolution and practice, Odyssey is led by Brenda Chaddock, a world-class speaker, facilitator, mentor and teacher with over 40 years’ government and corporate experience.You will gain the knowledge and abilities to positively transform your business and leadership style when you utilize her proven tools and systems. Brenda and her team deliver a variety of signature programs and services designed to guide you in your evolutionary leadership processes.

  •  EMERGE as a leader. Uncover the exact strategies that tap into on your leadership strengths and uncover your ideal working partners. Get the inside secrets to: our exclusive Legacy Leadership® model and one-of-a-kind certification program.
  • One Page Business Plan® —our easy, stress-free guide for business success.
  • PLUS get tips and tools to develop into a more confident and persuasive speaker and facilitator. To learn how to emerge as a leader, click here.
  • PARTNER for added power and strength. Learn the success formula to attract your ideal partners. Collaborate with the right co-leaders and co-facilitators…and never again go it alone and unafraid! To learn how to move forward through partnering, click here.
  • PRACTICE your leadership talents. Find out how to build on your skills as a leader and collaborate (not compete) with others in your field. Learn to lead your colleagues, and master the secret of what Brenda calls Co-opetition, where you’re cooperating with your competition — and becoming more successful together. Whether you’re in the public or private sector, dealing locally, nationally or globally, you must constantly perfect, sharpen and enrich your power as a leader, facilitator and presenter. Our Legacy Leadership® certifications and Masterful Facilitation Institute Programs do just that. To learn how to practice your leadership skills, click here.

We Nurture Leaders and Keep Them Strong!

bamboo-metaphoreNow, take a few minutes to look through our website. There’s an important reason why we’ve chosen bamboo as our symbol for leadership. We know that a successful leader is like the bamboo plant, taking its time (usually four years!) to build up power and strength before it sprouts through the ground and once it does it grows fast, hardy and able to weather changes in climate and business situations.

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