Leading By Example As A Team Facilitator


Leading by Example As A Team Facilitator

Whether you’re head of a large e-commerce outfit or head of a small startup, the best way to lead is by example. As an online team facilitator, you need to be ready to set a seamless example for your team. It builds trust and admiration among your team members and allows you to easily get much more accomplished in a shorter amount of time. It’s especially helpful for team leaders to lead by example so they can rally and inspire the group to victory.

Here are a few ways to lead by example as a team facilitator – no matter who you’re endeavoring to lead:

  • While actions speak louder than words, you still need to watch what you say. Words can have a serious impact on morale and enthusiasm. A few words from a leader can discourage a team and make it difficult for them to show support and meet goals. Try and use positive words. For example, instead of saying “you are not very good at this” say “I think we could get better results if we did A, B, and C.” This change of language changes the experience from a criticism to an opportunity for growth.
  • Honor the chain of command. While you may not agree with some of the decisions handed down from the upper chain of command, you must respect it at all times to set a good example. Otherwise, confusion and chaos may occur and the structural elements of the team will begin to fall apart. When an online team facilitator does not honor authority, their integrity is broken and may lessen the respect they receive from their team.

Online Team Facilitators Need Act As Part of Their Team

  • Do the work you ask of others. Be ready to pitch in when needed and even when you aren’t. It shows a team that you are a member, even though you’re the leader, and builds trust and confidence in the other team members. You’ll also gain knowledge and learn some skills that you may not be privy to if you’re constantly giving orders. The most effective online team facilitators are not just leaders but team members themselves. get involved with every project you have time for. Make it a point to contribute to your group projects.
  • Develop sensitivity and take special interest in others. Everyone has a bad day sometimes – and you would be well to be sensitive to those days when your employee or subordinate just isn’t doing the job up to par. Rather than showing criticism, show sensitivity. Also, make others on your team feel special and compliment often, when possible. When team facilitators recognize and reward positive behavior, the team will become more motivated.
  • Be prudent in choosing your battles. Don’t concentrate your efforts on the little conflicts which arise among team members. Instead, put your efforts into the more important decisions which must be made. Otherwise, you’ll be constantly drained from non-consequential battles. In group situations, there are bound to be disagreements. It is important for a leader not to get distracted by the small problems and focus on the overall well-being of the team.

Listening Goes Along With Leading

  • Listen. As a leader, it’s your job to know what’s going on at all times. Don’t be so busy giving orders and guidance that you miss listening to your team members and actually hear the advice they offer. Even though you may be an expert in what you do, you can’t know everything. There may be a few good team members who can teach you a thing or two and provide great feedback about your team.
  • Don’t take your team for granted. Your team makes you look good – so be careful not to take one or all of them for granted. Rather, consider each as an important asset to what you desire to get accomplished. Also, assume (until you’re shown differently) that each person on the team is a good and honest person who you can trust and rely on.

When you strive to set a good example for others, you won’t go won’t go wrong in your life’s choices.



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